about us
Calmus Appliances in India in 2016. The manufacturing unit in India in located in Bihar,This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is well-equipped with machinery, automated assembly lines and equipment imported from China. Each process of manufacturing receives technical assistance from China With a manufacturing capacity to produce more than 20 models and over 30 versions of kitchen hoods, Over 15 models of Built-In-Hobs and Cook top. The Company is all set to revolutionist the kitchen hood industry in India. Trust: Trust through delivering ensured Quality deliverable, backed with strong service and being there always to help. Keeping this in mind, Calmus Appliances follows very stringent quality tests on each product before it reaches the market thus keeping quality issues as the lowest possible levels. Innovation: Innovation in our products lead to one word from the above phrase Smart. How do we offer smart appliances. Our chimneys are Auto clean (they clean with press of a button t hues radiating the hassle, cost and need to clean filters every 2 months). Copyrights Copy rights of the contents, pictures and information of this website belongs to Calmus Appliances Any redistribution , reproduction and modification of the contents on this website for commercial and non commercial purpose is prohibited .You are also prohibited to use the contents or storing the contents of this website on any other website